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Mittwoch bis Freitag

12:00 - 18:00


10:00 - 14:00

Mühlbachgasse 5
A - 4840 Vöcklabruck
+43 (0) 662 871243 - 50




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Erstellt, am 19.12.2022 10:55:37

Liebe Kunden! Vielen Dank für eure Treue und Unterstützung in den letzten Jahren. Wir haben uns entschlossen unseren Shop in der Mühlbachgasse mit Ende des Monats zu schließen. More to come - stay tuned! Euer 4Seasons-Team

Erstellt, am 07.12.2022 10:25:42

🙌🏻 #4seasonsteam rider Pavel Dostov always on the grind, doing what he loves 🤟🏼 🎥 by Fabio Hölzler

Erstellt, am 06.12.2022 14:39:29

🛴 Time to get your scooter in tip top shape for spring! ⚡️ Arc Double Clamps & Integrated Headsets are restocked. 🌟 .#tiltlife #scooter #hardware #restocked

Erstellt, am 03.12.2022 09:38:25

🌊 Hydroponic Surfskate 🏄 FISH 31,5'' Radikal Orange/Navy & Classic 2.0 White /Brown The Hydroponic FISH 31,5'' Radikal Orange/Navy & Classic 2.0 White /Brown has been manufactured with 7 plies of Canadian Hard Rock Maple and Epoxy Resin, capable of resisting weights of 350 kg/cm². Fish tail inspired by classic surf fishtail boards, with little concave and flat pointy nose. The surfskates let you ride your skateboard as if you were truly surfing your board in the sea. You will need to position your weight on the back truck, so you can feel the ‘Fin Effect’ and gain stability while keeping the 360 turning sensations thanks to the rotating front truck. Once you accomplish the perfect balance, your riding will crossover instantly! Great set up to perform close turns and breaks thanks to a variable Wheel Base, which makes avoiding street obstacles something easy and fun. Features: -Dimensions: 31,5 x 9,75 inches -WB: 17,5 / 18,5 inches -Trucks: Surfskate Ejes 160 mm -Bushings: 82A Barrel + Cone / -EXTRA SET 85A Barrel + Cone -Wheels: BUDDHA WHEELS TRICKY Blue, Center Set, 65 x 51mm, 80A -Bearings: HYDROPONIC ABEC 7 with Spacers Video by Arnau #surftheconcrete #surfskate #hydroponic #nowavailable #atyourlocal #supplierofhappiness #salzburg #vöcklabruck #skateshop #ichkauflokal #kleinstadtliebe #shoppingsalzburg #christmalgifts

Erstellt, am 02.12.2022 12:21:01

Have you ever seen a sheep shivering? No. Probably because they are wearing coats made of 100% wool 🐑 Let's give a certain fraction a reason to call us "sheep" by becoming a little more like our animal idols in wearing their 100% wool coats... on our heads! The HOMEBØY "AHOI" Beanie is now available in our shop in Salzburg! #HOMEBØY #WOOL #beanies #ahoi #fishermanbeanie #protectyoufromthecold #shoplocal #shoppingsalzburg #visitsalzburg #ichkauflokal #saynotoamazon #supportsmallbusiness #skateshop #stuntscootershop


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