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10:00 - 18:00

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Schallmooser Hauptstr. 8
A - 5020 Salzburg
+43 (0) 662 871243




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CLUB 101 macht wieder dick PARTY heute @ Rockhouse Salzburg! Mit Monobrother / Silentists / Sticky & Sayne One / Mr.Käfer / YAN NAY / Riderssound & Jabbar / Sugar Cane / 101 Fam DON'T MISS OUT! https://www.facebook.com/events/1961648840710487

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🛴 Root Industries Invictus 2 In Latin, the word “Invictus” is defined as “unconquerable” - which is exactly what the new Root Industries Invictus 2 complete is. A great balance of affordability and quality, the Invictus complete is a perfect fit for riders looking to progress quickly in the sport. The quality of riding this scooter provides is normally reserved for higher-priced complete scooters. Designed to maximize foot-space and allow for optimal comfortability, while remaining compact and allowing for quick, smooth maneuvers. -Durable, reinforced Invictus 2 deck featuring a Honeycore cut-out top deck plate - 500mm (19.68") long x 123m (4.84") wide -Honeycore aluminum-core wheels, 88A polyurethane -HMA Aluminum Invictus 2 handlebars -610mm (24") tall x 580mm (22.8") wide -Lightweight Invictus 2 aluminum forks -compatible with up to 120mm x 24mm wheels -Tried-and-true Lithium double clamp -Comfortable R2 handlebar grips -IHC compression -Easy-push nylon brake -Weight: 3.35 kg / 7.38 lbs -Suitable for children 8+ #stuntscooter #rootinvictus2 #instock #honeycore #atyourlocal #skateshop #salzburg #vöcklabruck

Erstellt, am 27.06.2022 11:35:52

☀️SUMMER TOPS - T-SHIRTS & DRESSES ☀️ Cool down the hot days with your vegan ragwear piece 😍 #ragwear #veganstreetwear #vegan #summer #dress #summerdress #summer #vegan #lifestyle #skateshop #salzburg #vöcklabruck

Erstellt, am 20.06.2022 13:19:02

Go Skateboarding Day 2022 🙌 Tomorrow, 21st June we give you -25% on all skateboard completes! + we give you a new griptape with every deck purchase on top 🤘😎 #goskateboardingday2022 #skateboardingisfun #skateallday #specials #salzburg #vöcklabruck #local #skateshop

Erstellt, am 20.06.2022 09:19:03

SUMMER VIBES☀️ When there are no waves, surf the pavement! 🌊🛹⁣ SURFSKATE FISH SUN RED The Hydroponic FISH 28” SUN RED has been manufactured with 7 plies of Canadian Hard Rock Maple and Epoxy Resin, capable of resisting weights of 350 kg/cm². Short Fish tail inspired by classic surf fishtail boards, with little concave and flat pointy nose. The Hydroponic FISH 28” Lunar Navy / Red lets you ride your skateboard as if you were truly surfing your board in the sea. You will need to position your weight on the back truck, so you can feel the ‘Fin Effect’ and gain stability while keeping the 360 turning sensations thanks to the rotating front truck. Once you accomplish the perfect balance, your riding will crossover instantly! Great set up to perform close turns and breaks thanks to a short Wheel Base, which makes avoiding street obstacles something easy and fun. -Trucks: Surf Skate Trucks 160 mm -Bushings: 82A Barrel + Cone / EXTRA SET 85A Barrel + Cone -Wheels: BUDDHA WHEELS TRICKY Yellow, Center Set, 65 x 51mm, 83A -Bearings: HYDROPONIC ABEC 7 with Spacers #newinstock #hydroponic #surfskate #complete #surfthecity #summer #salzburg #vöcklabruck #ichkauflokal #shoplocal #supplierofhappiness #skateshop #4seasonsboardshop


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