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Montag bis Freitag

10:00 - 18:00

Samstag 10:00 - 16:00
Schallmooser Hauptstr. 8
A - 5020 Salzburg
+43 (0) 662 871243




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🛹 NEW IN STOCK! South Park X Hydroponic Collab Eric, Kyle, Stan, Kenny and their friends are going to be around for a while. Are you coming along on this crazy adventure? #hydroponic #southpark #collab #nowavailable #atyourlocal #supplierofhappiness #shoplocal #salzburg #vöcklabruck #saynotoamazon #ichkauflokal #kleinstadtliebe

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🛴 BACK IN STOCK! Root Industries Invictus 2 In Latin, the word “Invictus” is defined as “unconquerable” - which is exactly what the new Root Industries Invictus 2 complete is. A great balance of affordability and quality, the Invictus complete is a perfect fit for riders looking to progress quickly in the sport. The quality of riding this scooter provides is normally reserved for higher-priced complete scooters. -Durable, reinforced Invictus 2 deck featuring a Honeycore cut-out top deck plate - 500mm long x 123mm wide -Honeycore aluminum-core wheels, 88A polyurethane -HMA Aluminum Invictus 2 handlebars - 610mm tall x 580mm wide -Lightweight Invictus 2 aluminum forks - compatible with up to 120mm x 24mm wheels -Tried-and-true Lithium double clamp -Comfortable R2 handlebar grips -IHC compression -Easy-push nylon brake - Weight: 3.35 kg Suitable for children 8+

Erstellt, am 19.11.2022 10:57:28

🛴 INDO 670 Trampoline Trick Scooter is a new best friend of 9-15 years old trampoline lover! Just get the patented scooter, start jumping on a trampoline and let the imagination contrive awesome tricks! #trampolinescooter #indo670 #trickscooter #available #salzburg #ichkauflokal #vöcklabruck #kleinstadtliebe

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💣MTN NITRO 2G Pure matt black with a high opacity especially on chrome, dries very quickly and has a flexible valve system, perfect for both thick lines and details! #mtnnitro #thesilverkiller #paintoverchrome #puremattblack #atyourlocal #supplierofhappiness '#graffitisalzburg #salzburg #vöcklabruck

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More room for expressive movements in the HOMEBØY Unisex collection The Time Warp Hybrid is a combination of a jacket and a shirt. The upper material is the same as we use for our corduroy pants, which makes this style particularly durable and robust. The details are also taken from their iconic Baggy Pant. So the back pocket of the baggy can be found as a breast pocket on the hybrid. In addition you will find the Rainbow Tab, the "homeboy x-tra" embroidery and a nappo patch in the neck of the jacket. Fit: Regular Fit Material: 100% cotton, cord #homeboy #loudculture #unisex #baggypants #newinstock #atyourlocal #supplierofhappiness #visitsalzburg #vöcklabruck #shopping #kleinstadtliebe #ichkauflokal


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